VPS Servers Solutions

This solution is ideal for buy dedicated servers but without spend a lot of money.

With your VPS you will have root access and dedicated resources.

Dedicated Features:

Free Monitoring

100% Uptime Guarantee

Free Setup and Migration

Control Panel & Root Access

Access via the KVM/IP Graphic Console

Free Anti-DDoS Protection

1 Gbps bandwidth up to 10 Gbps

2nd Physical Network Connection. Useful if you have more servers and connect them with a different network card and between different CPDs.

Server Number of Cores RAM Disk Space Price Build
1 1 GB 25 GB $6.00 p/m Configure
2 2 GB 50 GB $12.00 p/m Configure
4 4 GB 100 GB $48.00 p/m Configure
4 8 GB 200 GB $96.00 p/m Configure
4 16 GB 400 GB $192.00 p/m Configure

VPS Servers:

These are technical specifications for VPS Servers

Cores Memory Bandwidth Disk Space Price Setup Order
1 1 GB 3 TB 25 GB $6.00 p/m Inmediatly Order Today
2 2 GB 4 TB 50 GB $12.00 p/m Inmediatly Order Today
4 4 GB 5 TB 100 GB $48.00 p/m Inmediatly Order Today
4 8 GB 6 TB 200 GB $96.00 p/m Inmediatly Order Today
4 16 GB 7 TB 400 GB $192.00 p/m Inmediatly Order Today



With a presence on 4 continents, we provide digital, innovative and secure infrastructures, adapted to professionals, startups, small and large companies and large accounts.

Uptime Guarantee

The Hostiname global network is fully redundant and offers 32 points of presence worldwide, delivering guaranteed bandwidth wherever you are.

Support Center

Hostiname advisers are available for all your business and technical issues, service and product advice, quote requests, and incident requests.....

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